Compagnie Indo Francaise de Commerce (CIFC) | Arab Fertilizer Association

Compagnie Indo Francaise de Commerce (CIFC)

  • Membership category: Traders
  • Country: India

Company details

Brief Under the flagship of RAHIMTULA Group, CIFC and other major companies are prospering for the last 55 years. RAHIMTULA is the founder Chairman of Fertilizer Association of India and the pioneer in marketing of Fertilizer and fertilizer raw materials in India on behalf of our principals such as PIC-Kuwait, FERTIL – Abu Dhabi, EFC-Egypt. Besides CIFC is also involved in the trading of fertilizers and fertilizer raw material such as sulphur, phosphate rock, ammonia, DAP, Urea from Algeria, Egypt, Middle East, Iran, Tunis, China, Malaysia and handles around 2 – 2.5 million tons product every year.