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Gavilon Fertilizer LLC

  • Membership category: Traders
  • Chairman: Mr. Brian Harlander
  • General manager: Mr. Christopher von Kuhn, Senior Vice President
  • Website:
  • Country: United States of America


Mr. Brian Harlander

General Manager

Mr. Christopher von Kuhn, Senior Vice President

Company details

Gavilon Fertilizer is dedicated to the wholesale trade and distribution of fertilizer products

throughout the world. Our primary products are dry blending grades, induding urea,

ammoniated phosphates, and potash, and UANIAPP solutions. Microsource, a dMslon of

Gavilon Fertilizer, manufactures a full line of dry and liquid micronutrlents, follar liquids and

complete nutritional staiter fertilizers.

Gavilon Fertilizer is a subsidiary of Tha Gsvilon Group, tIC, headquartered in Omaha.

Nebraska which was acquired by Marubeni Corporation in 2012 Gavilon isa leading

commodity management firm that connects producers and consumers of feed, food, fuel and

agncultural inputs linking agrIcultural supply with demand through its global supply chain

network. The company employs 1900 people in more than 300 fsdlitles and offices worldwide.