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Emirates Fertilizer Factory

  • Membership category: Producers: Liquid fert., Micronutrients & NPK
  • Website: www.ebff.ae
  • Country: United Arab Emirates

Company details

BriefEmirates Chemical Fertilizer Factory is an ISO certified company was established in 2003 and started the commercial production 2005 as a National company tending to produce compound chemical fertilizers (e.g. 20-20-20+TE, 19-19-19, 30-15-30, etc.) Our special environmental product named Emirates Magic is a special Slow release fertilizer based on Organo-Chemical ingredients. Also, liquid chemical fertilizer and suspension fertilizers. We pay great attention to produce plant extract products (e.g. Humic acid , Fulvic acid, Amino acid, Fish Emulsion and Sea Weed).