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The Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Co. - EGAS

  • Membership category: Producers: Fertilizer and Raw Materials: Ordinary Member
  • Chairman: Dr. Hamed Korkor - Asst. Chairman For Studies
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  • Country: Egypt


Dr. Hamed Korkor - Asst. Chairman For Studies

Company details

In view of natural gas industry vital role to the country’s economy and according to the vision of the Ministry of Petroleum, it was decided to establish the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company, (EGAS) as an entity focusing on the natural gas chain of activities. EGAS was established in August 2001, adopting an effective action plan to organize and diligently handle the activities of the natural gas resources of Egypt and adding value to the Egyptian economy. The main objectives of EGAS are the following: • Prepare action plans for natural gas industry and related projects. • Develop techno-economic studies for gas projects. • Manage sales gas transmission & distribution systems and coordinate all related activities. • Develop LNG projects individually or with national and international partners. • Participate in exploration, development and production from gas discoveries according to the prevailing laws and regulations. • Develop the natural gas industry database. • Study and define optimum locations for gas projects.