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Evergrow For Specialist Fertilizers

  • General assembly member
  • Membership category: Producers: Fertilizer and Raw Materials: Ordinary Member
  • Chairman: Mohamed Elkheshen
  • General manager: Mohamed Mohamed Elkheshen
  • Country: Egypt


Mohamed Elkheshen

Vice Chairman

Mohamed Mohamed Elkheshen

Company details

We are Evergrow for specialty fertilizers by the year 2006 Evergrow was founded in Abo rawash industrial zone,Giza Government. 
As the first Egyptian company specialized in the manufacturing NPK and Ca soluble powdered or crystal and liquids fertilizers.
It was established in the frame of the electoral program of president Mubarak in 2005 to establish 1000 factory by end the of 2010.
Factories were established on an area of 30 thousand square meters with a capital 450000000 L.E and the number of employments are 1000 youth and specialized expertise and produce approximately 120 thousand tons of specialized fertilizers annually.