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NAQ Global Companies

  • Membership category: Engineering, Licensors, contractors & Equipment Suppliers
  • Country: United Arab Emirates

Company details

BriefNAQ Companies work as advisors, consultants, technologists & product suppliers for Fertilizer Quality Improvement. NAQ works with ‘Green Technology’ products for defoamimg, anti-caking, dust control, granulating aid, coloring agent & froth floatation agents. Bulk manufacturing plants are located in South America, Middle East, & Asia. Expert technical services & dosing equipments are provided as package for all types of fertilizers & phos acid plants. Largest variety of products & technologies have been developed for urea, nitrates, phosphates, nitrophosphates, & for phos acid plants. Tailor-making of the formulations is done to give the desired results for every type of fertilizer. Also provides fertilizer testing facilities & on-site deputation of experts for solving acid plants & fertilizer plants process & quality problems.