Vision and Mission | Arab Fertilizer Association

Arab Fertilizer Association (AFA) is a non-governmental Arab International Organization established in 1975. AFA is operating under the umbrella of the Council of Arab Economic Unity and exercising the status of observer at the Economic and Social Council affiliated to the Arab League.

AFA comprises Arab institutions and companies working in the fields of fertilizers manufacturing and trading, in addition to other related fields. It further includes 177 Arab and foreign company members from twenty nine countries AFA aims, generally, at coordinating and developing technical relations between member companies, together with tackling all issues related to the fertilizer industry. AFA represents a framework through which Arab companies work and get to know the latest technological developments in the fertilizer industry. It further provides Arab companies' representatives with the opportunity to strengthen relationships with international institutions, organizations and companies working in the field of fertilizer industry, trade and usage.

AFA Vision

Human being first and food security foremost AFA coordinates in a highly dynamic way with member companies to achieve an internationally distinguished status.

AFA Mission

Encourage members to ideally utilize available natural resources, optimally achieve added value, effectively contribute in economic, social and agricultural development, and efficiently promote safe and secure production, storage and transportation of agricultural nutrients, to enhance food security and combat hunger.

AFA Objectives

AFA targets, in cooperation with member companies, the development of fertilizer industry, materials and usage:

  • Pay due attention to human being interests: Safety, Health and Environment (SHE).
  • Promote and build leadership, administrative, technical, economic and social human being oriented capacities in all fertilizer industry specializations.
  • Ensure permanent human food security by combating hunger through the provision of fertilizers and micro-nutrients to enhance soil condition and support agricultural productivity and diversity
  • Use ideally production inputs and raw materials; rationalize energy and water utilization consumption
  • Increase production capacity through technical qualification, development and expansion of existing fertilizer factories and encouraging the establishment of new projects and factories.
  • Make best usage of modern information means and communication systems; boost fertilizer industry condition and reputation before effective information means, international strategic policy makers and other relative associations through efficient methods of communication and ongoing procedures and solutions provided by AFA to tackle international social issues related to fertilizer production and food security.
  • Develop, promote and enhance Arab fertilizer industry status
  • Encourage and support scientific researches targeting the service of all fertilizer related fields.
  • Entrench coordination, cooperation and exchange of expertise approach in all fields between AFA member companies.
  • Bridge the gap between Arab companies and related international organizations from one side and AFA member companies from the other side.
  • Develop member companies by increasing related economic resources and requirements in addition to identifying challenges and obstacles.
  • Expand the geographical AFA scope of work to reach fertilizer consumers outside the Arab region.
  • Enhance secretariat performance by reviewing work systems, regulations and administrative  structure.