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Introduction :

The aim of afa Annual award is to honour and encourage research and to notificate their efforts for showing their scientific works in order to contribute on the progress of research activity by securing a suitable atmosphere for scientific completion, developing the scientific researcher on the field of fertilizer industry and fertilizer use and following up the continuous progress on this field, encouraging Arab human resources and Arab experiences on this vital and important industry.



Agricultural awards

2014 AFA agriculture award : Mr. Al Hussein Moghly

Category: Agricultural, Year: 2015

During the opening ceremony the 2014 AFA award was announced for the best research applied work in the agriculture field, which given to Mr. Al Hussein Moghly, Natural Resources and Environment Division, Hassan II Agriculture and Veterinary Institute, Rabat, Morocco.

2009 AFA agriculture award : Dr. Mohammad Abdul-Rahman Al-Wakel

Category: Agricultural, Year: 2009

Case Study : Application of New Formulated Fertilizer For Optimizing wheat Production and Produce High Quality Seed.

2007 AFA agriculture award : Dr. Ali Masmoudi

Category: Agricultural, Year: 2007

pedology, fertilization, irrigation and salinity of water and soils.

2006 AFA agriculture award : Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Humaid

Category: Agricultural, Year: 2006

The Use of Balanced Chemical Fertilizers for producing crops with high nutritional valuers

2006 AFA agriculture award : Dr. Abdel Aziz Gadir

Category: Agricultural, Year: 2006

The effect of fertigation of different levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and poatssium.

2004 AFA agriculture award : Dr Mohamed M. Russan

Category: Agricultural, Year: 2004