Regulations | Arab Fertilizer Association

Membership Terms and Conditions

  • A member shall undertake to assist the Association in the attainment if its objectives and shall keep the Association posted of the data and statistics conductive to the attainment of the said objectives.
  • Member shall abide by the payment of annual subscription fees automatically for the coming year, except if member submitted a written request with another meaning prior to the beginning of the new fiscal year starting at early January of each year.
  • Member shall avoid being affiliated to any institution or activities opposing AFA goals.
  • Completing and sending the application to AFA General Secretariat, including the company activity, to be approved by AFA Board of Directors , Membership application is available at AFA internet site:
  • The Status of membership shall be removed by resolution of Board of Directors in cases such as changing the field of activity, dissolutions, amalgamations, failure to pay membership fees, fulfill obligations or contravention with the Association Article.