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El Nasr Mining Company

  • General assembly member
  • Membership category: Ordinary Members
  • Chairman: Mr. Abu El-Magd Mohamed Mouftah
  • Website: www.elnasrmining.com
  • Email: admin
  • Country: Egypt

Executive Managing Director

Mr. Abu El-Magd Mohamed Mouftah

Company details

We are the biggest Company in Egypt work in the mining. In the last year our
products as following:
1. Phosphate rock: products 2.25 million Export 1.25 million and local market million tons.
2. Talc: total products 50000 tons Export: 15000 tons Local market: 35000 tons.
3 . Lmenite ore: 120000 tons Export 100000 tons.
4. Quartz ore: Export 15000 tons. 
Our company has two ports on Red Sea:
- Hamrawein port for loading vessel up to:
35000 MT (load rate 4500 MT per day).
- Abu Ghusun port for loading vessel up
to:12000 MT (load rate 1200 MT per day).