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Evergrow For Specialty Fertilizers

  • General assembly member
  • Membership category: Ordinary Members
  • Chairman: Eng.Mohamed Elkheshen
  • General manager: Mr.Mohamed Mohamed Elkheshen
  • Email: admin
  • Country: Egypt


Eng.Mohamed Elkheshen

Vice Chairman

Mr.Mohamed Mohamed Elkheshen

Company details

Evergrow started its business in 2006, we are a leading company in manufacturing and
marketing specialized fertilizers in Egypt and the Middle East.
Evergrow is manufacturing and marketing the highest quality fertilizer products for the
- Water-soluble, standard & granulated sulphate of potash with annual capacity
360 000 ton
- Calcium nitrate annual capacity 120 000 ton
- 150 000 ton calcium chloride
- 270 000 sulphuric acid
- 120 000 NPK
And DCP factor is under construction with annual capacity 110 000