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Chemical Industries Holding Company

  • General assembly member
  • Membership category: Producers: Fertilizer and Raw Materials: Ordinary Member
  • Chairman: Mr. Emad El-Deen M. Khalid
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  • Country: Egypt


Mr. Emad El-Deen M. Khalid

Company details

The Chemical Industries Holding Company activities are of diversified nature. The Company is responsible for managing a security portfolio for 18 affiliated companies, the paid capital of which reaches, according to the fiscal year ending in 30/6/2011, around 1.9 billion pounds. Furthermore, the companies total activity returns amount to 8.3 billion pounds, for the same year, and total net profits 970 million pounds. The affiliated companies’ activities diversify too, including Fertilizer, basic chemicals, papers, cement and other kinds of industries. Although the production targets mainly fulfilling the needs of the local market, some of such companies’ exports sum to 600 million pounds in the mentioned above year. Also, the number of employees working in such companies reaches 35 thousand with total annual salaries of 1.48 billion pounds. The Holding Company pays due concern to conducting different restructuring processes in the affiliated companies, important of which are processes of technical restructuring, replacement and renewal besides contributing in the establishment of new companies. Fertilizer industry companies come at the top of the companies to which huge investments were allocated for the processes of rehabilitation, replacement and renewal. For instance, KIMA Company rehabilitation project to order to operate by natural gas instead of its current used technology, which depend on water electro-analysis; the project took place through the establishment of an ammonia unit with a capacity of 1200 ton per day for the annual production of 530 thousand ton of urea and 220 thousand ton of ammonium nitrates, the estimated cost of which is 750 million USD. Another ammonia unit is being established with the same capacity in El-Delta Fertilizer Company. In addition, a replacement and renewal process is underway to all the factories of El Nasr Company for Fertilizer in Suez with an estimated cost of 180 million pounds, which is expected to resume operation by Jan. 2012 resulting in the Company operation With about 80% of its capacity after continuously suffering from repeated breakdowns and stopping. The Holding Company further collaborates in the establishment of a cement factory of 1.5 ton capacity annually in Qena overnorate, in which other public companies contribute. It is worth mentioning that the trial phase of the referred to factory has already completed at Dec. 2011.