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Jas Global Industries

  • Membership category: Producers: Fertilizer and Raw Materials: Associate, Observer & Supporting Members
  • Chairman: Jamal Fawi MATALKA
  • Website: www.ssci.com.sa
  • Email: admin
  • Country: Jordan

Chairman & CEO

Jamal Fawi MATALKA

Company details

SSCI manufa cture cu stom-made additives for fertilizers and minin g ind u stries, our product range include anti foam s both water and oi l based for Diammonium /Monoammonium Phosphate and Phosphoric acid , ant icaking agents and colourin g for DAP, MAP, NPK and other granula r fertilizers, floccu lants for Phosphoric acid pu rification , and flotation agents, tlocculants and antid ust agents for phosp hate and other mining appli cations.