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Groupe Chimique Tunisien

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  • General manager: Mr.Hedi Youssef
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  • Country: Tunisia

The General Manager

Mr.Hedi Youssef

Company details

Produce Phosphoric acid, DAP, TSP, DCP,AN, Porous AN. More than 6.5 million tons of phosphate rock is processed yearly in GCT different plants to produce: • 1.325 million Tons P205 MG Phosphoric Acid. • 1.315 million Tons Di-Ammonium Phosphate - DAP • 0.900 million Tons Triple Super Phosphate- TSP • 120 000 Tons Di-Calcium Phosphate - DCP • 150.000 Tons Ammonium Nitrate 33.5%- AN • 30.000 Tons porous Ammonium Nitrate. More than 90 % of the production is exported giving GCT the Status of world major supplier of phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizer, ranked according to IFA 2006 annual statistics. • 1st TSP exporter with 25% market share. • 3rd DAP exporter with 9.35% market share. • 2nd Phosphoric acid exporter with 11.62% market share. GCT exports its different products to Far East, Europe, Middle East and Africa, America, and Oceania. The main Markets are India, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Argentina. GCT has a long experience in building stable and profitable partnerships. In 1985, GCT established a JV company along with PlC Kuwait and CNCCC China to launch a DAP/NPK project in China and foundation of the “Sino-Arab Chemical Fertilizer LTD-SACF” that is producing yearly around 720.000 tons of NPK fertilizer. In 2003, GCT achieved acquiring 5% share capital of Godavari Fertilizer and Chemicals Limited “GFCL” and agreed a longterm P205 supply contract. Strategy of GCT is repositioning in its traditional markets through acquisition of share in the capital of its main customers and industrial companies (Turkey etc.)