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Misr Fertilizers Production Company (MOPCO)

CEO &Managing Director

Eng. Ahmed Mahmoud Mohamed El-Sayed

Company details

The Misr fertilizers production Company (MOPCO) has been established on July 26, 1998 under the Investment Guarantee
and Incentives Law No. 8 of year 1997.
MOPCO is specialized in the production of urea. Its plant is located in the city of Damietta on an area of 400 thousand m2
and adjacent entirely to the port of Damietta on the Mediterranean Sea, giving flexibility in exporting of Granular Urea,
which leads to a reduction in the cost of transportation.
The production at MOPCO’s plant started in the second half of year 2008 with the capacity of 635 thousand-tons/year of
granular urea and 400 thousand-tons/year of ammonia. The year 2009 is perceived
as the first year of actual production following the commissioning production and start-up. Granular Urea is the main
company’s product at a daily production capacity of 1925 tons/day, through using natural gas as the main raw material.
Nevertheless, MOPCO is currently undergoing expansion. It is building two new ammonia units with 1,200 Mt/day capacity each and two new urea units with capacities of 1,925 Mt/day each at some site of existing plant. The full investment
cost for the expansion is estimated to be 1.85 billion US dollars, and of which 1.05 billion US dollars are received as funding
through mainly local banks. 
MOPCO gives top priority for the marketing process of its products. The produced Granular Urea enjoys an excellent  reputation internationally. Urea is exported  to more than (30) countries including Europe, the United States of America,
Latin America, Africa and India. This diversification of markets is considered as an advantage for the company and  strengthened its stability. MOPCO is committed to protect and develop the environment by maintaining the highest standards of environmental protection through its operations. MOPCO selected the most advanced technologies which were designed to meet the national and international environmental laws, standards and legislations. Emissions are kept to a minimum complying with the limits set in the environmental laws and regulations. Self-monitoring environmental measuring station will be installed to assure continuous environmental quality control. To meet the International Organization
for Standardization (ISO requirements), MOPCO’s goal is to be recognized and admired inside and outside Egypt for
laudable environmental management and marketing performance. Accordingly, MOPCO is certified as ISO -14001, ISO-
9001 & OHSAS-18001 .  Phosphate