27th AFA Int’l. Fertilizer Technology Conference & Exhibition | Arab Fertilizer Association

27th AFA Int’l. Fertilizer Technology Conference & Exhibition

  • Date: 23 – 25 June 2014,
  • Committee: Technical
  • Place: Agadir, Morocco

In the most considerable regional and international gathering for fertilizer industry technology, AFA organized in cooperation with OCP Group the 27th Int’l. Fertilizer Technology Conference & Exhibition, in Agadir, Kingdom of Morocco, during the period 23- 25/ 06/2014, in Sofitel Agadir.  


The International Technical Conference for Fertilizers, held annually by AFA in one of AFA Arab member countries, receives a remarkable attention from Arab and international companies specialized in fertilizer industry. Such a gathering became an important event that attracts the largest international companies, possessing technology and producing equipment and chemicals used in such an industry, in order to present the latest developments in this regard. Also, the event is considered to be a great opportunity for Arab fertilizer industry specialists to meet with their counterparts from international companies and get to know the stat-of-the-art developments through the presented regional papers. Working papers provide an overview of companies’ experience in the fields of environment, preventive maintenance and the development of production methods. This is emphasized by the unprecedented Arab and international attendance taking part in the Conference.    


The Conference program included the presentation of working papers by international companies and case studies reflecting the expertise of AFA Arab member companies, comprising the following issues:


First Issue: best technologies related to the production of nitrogenous, phosphate and potash fertilizers

Second Issue: equipment and manufacturing processes

Third Issue: fertilizer industry and environment


20 working papers was presented during the Conference. When choosing the working papers, the following concerns were taken in consideration:

- Achieving the highest level of participation with regard to Arab and foreign companies

- Including nitrogenous, phosphate and potash fertilizer industry in the selected papers topics


The Conference was accompanied by an industrial exhibition, in which 16 myriad Arab and foreign companies will participate by presenting the latest international developments, related technical services and equipment in this field.


It is worth mentioning that around 320 participants attended the Conference, representing the most important international companies with experience in fertilizer industry and derivatives, from the following countries:


14 Arab countries:

Jordan – UAE – Bahrain – Tunisia – Algeria – KSA – Iraq – Sultanate of Oman – Qatar – Kuwait – Lebanon – Libya – Morocco - Egypt


11 Non-Arab Countries:

Belgium – Denmark – Canada – France – Germany – Italy – Holland – Switzerland – USA – Pakistan - India


AFA would like to express profound appreciation to OCP Group for the great and continuous support to AFA activities and programs and to such a significant Conference.

Papers and materials: