23 rd AFA Annual Fertilizer Forum & Exhibition | Arab Fertilizer Association

23 rd AFA Annual Fertilizer Forum & Exhibition

  • Date: 31 January - 2 February 2017
  • Committee: Economic
  • Place: Cairo Samiramis InterContinental

Cairo hosted, during the period 31 January to 2 February 2017, in Semiramis Intercontinental
Hotel, the 23rd Annual Fertilizer Forum and Exhibition, organized by Arab Fertilizer
Association (AFA) and sponsored by AFA Egyptian member companies, under the title:
“Arab Fertilizer Producers Continue to Shine”
The Annual Fertilizer Forum is considered the most significant economic event with regard to
fertilizer industry in the MENA region. Notably, the Forum attendants are expected to exceed
500 remarkable figures of Arab and international fertilizer companies’ chairmen, relevant
international organizations and entities presidents, galaxy of experts, executives and general
managers representing more than 133 company and entity from more than 33 countries.
This Forum, since its early launching back in 1995, has been supported by the Government of
Egypt as well as fertilizer production Egyptian companies. Thus, such an event became a fixed
international date on the agenda of all fertilizer stakeholders.
Arab fertilizer sector was capable of occupying a special status in the international market, based
on the abundance of raw materials, including natural gas, phosphate rocks and potash. To
elaborate, he mentioned that fertilizer industry returns are of remarkable significance to Arab
countries, producing and exporting fertilizers and related raw materials, as such returns
undoubtedly contribute to the enhancement of these countries economic and social development.
In 2015, the Arab region fertilizers and related raw materials total production exceeded 100 Mt and exports surmounted 58 Mt. Arab region share recorded 30% of international gas stock,
around 70% of phosphate rock stock, 35% of international urea market, 64% of phosphate rocks trade, 42% of super triphosphate, 58% of phosphoric acid, 38% of DAP, 7% of potash, and 30% of sulfur international exports. With this in mind, the Arab region significance will even increase in the near future for the current launching and establishment of numerous fertilizer related projects in the Arab region.
The Forum main themes include:
 Current policy developments and relevant impact on fertilizer industry;
 International fertilizer outlook: supply and demand;Fertilizer status in key markets and fertilizer market future prospects;
 International developments witnessed by nitrogenous, phosphate and potash fertilizer markets;
 Renewable energy and energy management approach;
 Fertilizer and water for agriculture sustainability;
 International food security and fertilizer role in future agriculture;
 Natural gas and related impact on fertilizer industry.
The Forum is accompanied by an industrial exhibition, in which a number of fertilizer industry, trade, and shipping Arab and foreign companies participate. These companies present the latest products in fertilizer industry field.
The fertilizer industry is the main point of entrance to sustainable agricultural development, hence, AFA assumed the responsibility to pay due concern to agricultural sector, reach the actual beneficiaries of fertilizer industry and the key actor in the provision of food and clothes, namely Arab farmers. Accordingly, AFA adopted recently, based on the concept of AFA member companies corporate social responsibility, the agricultural caravans initiative. This endeavor aimed at reaching farmers in the fields in order to realize their real problems, support and provide them with the latest agricultural methods and systems to achieve the ideal practice of fertilizer application and rational management of plant nutrients via the 4Rs methodology
(Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time, and Right Place), thus achieving the highest agricultural productivity and strengthening the relationship between fertilizer manufacturers and farmers. These caravans are characterized by an educational dimension, reflected in disseminating good agricultural applications, analyzing types of soil, and urging farmers to rationalize fertilizer application and following good practices to improve agricultural productivity.
AFA and member companies have benefited from the Moroccan experience, namely the agricultural caravans organized by OCP, which was entrusted with taking fertilizer factories and experts directly to the farmers in their fields. As previously mentioned, special attention was given to the educational aspect underscoring good agricultural practices and encouraging farmers to rationalize fertilizer applications, closely working with farmers while taking in consideration their daily tasks. The caravans pursued analyzing soil types and affirming good practices in order to sustainably improve Moroccan farmers’ returns. It is noteworthy too that a medical caravan has accompanied such agricultural caravans; 5 thousand children, in 10 areas visited by OCP caravans, benefited from eye medical examinations and dental care.
AFA has transferred the Moroccan experience to Egypt, as an AFA member company,
Evergrow Company, facilitated the first agricultural caravan in Egypt. More than 8 caravan 

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