AFA Highlights Commitment to Climate Change Mitigation and Food Security | Arab Fertilizer Association

AFA Highlights Commitment to Climate Change Mitigation and Food Security

Published on: Saturday 7 October, 2023

The Arab Fertilizer Association held a dialogue last Thursday with its technical committee and working groups. The session discussed major issues of importance, including energy security, climate change, food security, and the proposed carbon border adjustment mechanism by the European Union.

The discussion led to global production of green hydrogen, which stands at around 4.5 million tons by the end of 2023, and is expected to reach 70 million tons by 2030. To achieve carbon neutrality, we need to produce 306 million tons annually. The session also discussed the cost of green hydrogen production, which is expected to decrease from $7/kg to approximately $2.7/kg, 40% reduction, by 2030.


Attendees shared that their companies are making every effort to reduce carbon emissions despite the high costs involved. AFA emphasizes that member companies of the Association have considered the gradual inclusion of more sustainable technologies, such as low-carbon ammonia, in their plans, without negatively impacting current investments. We are proud that fertilizer production worldwide contributes approximately 30-50% to food security by increasing productivity per acre.


The Arab Fertilizer Association and its member companies are fully aware of climate change and the challenges it poses to food security. Therefore, we are working diligently to preserve the climate and ensure food security.