AFA Energy Saving Working group - End of year meeting. | Arab Fertilizer Association

AFA Energy Saving Working group - End of year meeting.

Published on: Sunday 17 December, 2023

Wednesday, December 13.- As part of the Arab Fertilizer Association’s aspirations and goals regarding energy security, saving and green transformation. the Arab Fertilizer Association held its eighth and final session for the year 2023 of the Energy Saving Working Group.

 During the meeting, various important issues and updates related to energy efficiency challenges were discussed including the factors affecting consumption and efficiency, as well as the review of the latest solutions and emerging technologies, besides the CBAM and its recent developments, along with the potential impacts on the industry.

The session emphasized the significance of collaboration between the AFA and its member companies in supporting energy and climate-related issues, highlighting the cooperative direction in serving the industry's multifaceted purposes.